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Welcome to Lionheart Arcania

Please register by clicking 'New User' at the top right of this page to have full access and be able to post in our forums. Note : After having registered you will need to apply to join the LionArc site itself. Your application will be processed promptly, usually within a few hours. Following a successful approval, you will be granted member status and will have full access to our site and be an official member of Lionheart Arcania. The majority of this site is accessible only to registered members.

Other Guild News

Guild Culling To Begin Soon

538550809_Inactive, Jan 14, 07 4:52 AM.
As our guild is now established with a large player base, we will now slowly, over the next few days and weeks begin a large-scale 'culling' of the guild. If you do not fit into the criteria AND are offline at the time you may be removed from the guild. After much deliberation, we as a guild find this necessary in order to preserve our great clan for the future.

Your character will qualify for removal if you fit into one or more of the following :-
1. You are below level 10.
2. You have not logged on for more than 10 days.

Also please bear in mind that if you are removed and wish to be re-invited into our guild at a later date when 1 and 2 do not apply, then please contact Blanee or Nuvus for further information on how to re-apply.


538550809_Inactive, Jan 13, 07 6:03 AM.
Well done to our first 2 successful  Communications Officer applicants, the posts were awarded to Nuvus and Blanee. We wish them well in their new positions. Further vacancies will be available soon.

Guild Hierarchy
Our guild ranks, from lowest to highest are Realmsman, Sentry, Guardian, Legionnaire, Centurion, Cavalier, Crusader, Lionheart, Lionheart General.

Information for registered members concerning promotions and the criteria to achieve higher positions within the guild is currently being drafted, and will appear as a new page on our site, being viewable only to registered members.

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